Matt Mullenweg On Finding Talent: From Cheddar News

“If you’re a business for whom talent is a key differentiator,” said Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg this week on Cheddar News, “then I would highly recommend you learning how to evolve your business to be fully inclusive of remote people.”

On Wednesday, Matt joined senior reporter Michelle Castillo on Cheddar’s Closing Bell to talk about Automattic’s latest fundraising, and how the company will continue to hire for and invest in technology that democratizes publishing and commerce.

Matt made the announcement earlier this week.

“One thing that’s fascinating about Automattic is that you guys have a work remote policy,” Castillo asked. “Why did you make that decision so many years ago?”

“When we started being fully remote, which was I guess 15, 16 years ago, it was the best way to access the best talent in the world,” Matt responded.

“I think that’s still true.”

Offering encouragement to those who have only experienced remote work by necessity because of the pandemic, Matt also urged organizations to commit to being fully distributed, instead of settling for hybrid situations that can create new challenges: “Keep in mind, even if last year was tough, it was tough for every company, including us – who have been doing this for over a decade.”

You can watch the full interview at Cheddar.

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