Pluto VR Cofounder John Vechey on the Virtual Office

Read more about John Vechey in “For Years, VR Promised to Replace the Office. Could It Really Happen Now?

Distributed Podcast: Hear Matt Mullenweg in conversation with John Vechey.

“A new form of communication”

After leading PopCap Games to a successful exit, cofounder John Vechey started Pluto VR to help humanity transcend physical location through a virtual reality chat app. In this episode, John explains how VR might be used in distributed workplaces to enable people to have high fidelity meetings that capture the nuances of human conversations.

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Produced by Mark Armstrong and the team at Charts & Leisure: Jason Oberholtzer, Whitney Donaldson, Cole Stryker, Levi Sharpe, and Michael Simonelli. Theme music by Jason Oberholtzer. Cover art by Matt Avery.

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