Matt Mullenweg On Finding Talent: From Cheddar News

“If you’re a business for whom talent is a key differentiator,” said Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg this week on Cheddar News’ Closing Bell, “then I would highly recommend you learning how to evolve your business to be fully inclusive of remote people.”More

Episode 28: Erica Pandey of Axios on Returning to Work

Whether making their start as a solo blogger on their own beat, or growing up in a thriving newsroom, journalists must forge their own unique work life as they write the first draft of history, as Matt says in the latest Distributed podcast episode with Erica Pandey, business journalist and writer of the What’s Next newsletter at Axios. This fast-paced conversation covers a lot of ground, from Erica’s own journalism career, to how she works with her Axios colleagues across bureaus. She balances Axios’ Smart Brevity style with authoritative reporting on complex topics, seeking multiples perspectives, from data to experts to people on the ground.  Says Erica, “One of my greatest joys is being able to talk to people.”

The lively conversation centers on how we’re all returning to work after so much change and adaptation, including the rise of hybrid workplaces.More

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Returning to the Office

“The way that we run our company – which is very asynchronous, people in timezones all over the world – written communication is very important. We maybe over index in our hiring process for people who are really clear writers, which I think sort of begets clear thinking,” said Matt Mullenweg, when asked about managing…More

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