Transcript: Episode 11, Stephen Wolfram

Over the last 28 years, Stephen Wolfram has led his partially-distributed company from his home in Massachusetts. Over that time he’s developed countless productivity tools and collaborative processes that help Wolfram Research create world-changing tech.

Transcript: Episode 10, Sonal Gupta

Sonal Gupta leads Automattic’s Other Bets division, a team that develops experimental products that hover around Automattic’s core business. She relies on her legal background in order to clearly communicate the team’s new ideas to the rest of the company.

Transcript: Episode Two, John Vechey

Read more about John Vechey in “For Years, VR Promised to Replace the Office. Could It Really Happen Now?“ Matt Mullenweg: We’ve been hearing about virtual reality since the late ’80s, but this technology still hasn’t yet leapt from the pages of science fiction into our universe—at least not into the mainstream. The VR revolution […]