Transcript: Episode 18, Jason Fried

Read more about Jason Fried in “Working Smaller, Slower, and Smarter” MATT MULLENWEG: Howdy, howdy, and welcome to the Distributed podcast. I am your host, Matt Mullenweg, and I’m here with our first episode of 2020. Today’s guest is Jason Fried, the CEO of Basecamp, a semi-distributed company that’s been making project management tools for […]

Transcript: Episode 17, Year-end Wrap-up

Read more of our 2019 takeaways in “Eight Lessons from the Distributed Podcast So Far” MATT MULLENWEG: Howdy, howdy. Here we are. We made it: the last episode of 2019. The finale of our first season of the Distributed podcast, with me, Matt Mullenweg.  We’re currently in the thick of planning a fresh slate of […]

Transcript: Episode 16, Anil Dash

Read More about Anil Dash in “To Remake Tech, Remake the Tech Company“ MATT MULLENWEG: A lot of tech companies talk about prizing “people over profits,” but Glitch is a startup that is serious about these ideals, and holds itself publicly accountable for sustaining this commitment as the company grows. That’s partially because Glitch’s CEO […]

Transcript: Episode 15, The Grand Meetup

Read more about the Grand Meetup in “The Importance of IRL in a World of Screens” Mark Armstrong: Okay go. Josepha: The song that’s in my head right now is “Good morning. Good morning.” My name is Josepha Haden Chomphosy. I shouldn’t say it like a question. That is my name. My name is Josepha. […]

Transcript: Episode 14, Clark Valberg

Read more about Clark Valberg in “Building the Tools that Bring the Screen to Life” MATT MULLENWEG: Howdy howdy. Welcome to the Distributed podcast. I’m your host, Matt Mullenweg.  My guest this week is Clark Valberg, the founder and CEO of InVision, a company that makes a collaborative design platform that’s very popular with distributed […]

Transcript: Episode 13, Lydia X. Z. Brown

Read more about Lydia X. Z. Brown in “Making Work Accessible, Wherever it Happens” MATT MULLENWEG: Howdy howdy. Welcome to the Distributed podcast. I’m your host, Matt Mullenweg.  Today’s guest is Lydia X. Z. Brown, who is a… well, Lydia wears many, many hats — we’ll get to that in a minute. Lydia once gave […]

Transcript: Episode 12, Taso Du Val

Read more about Taso Du Val in “Inside Toptal’s Distributed Screening Process” MATT MULLENWEG: Howdy. My name is Matt Mullenweg, and I run a company called Automattic, with over 950 employees distributed across over 70 countries. We’re growing quickly, so I spend a lot of time thinking about how the company is going to find […]

Transcript: Episode 11, Stephen Wolfram

Over the last 28 years, Stephen Wolfram has led his partially-distributed company from his home in Massachusetts. Over that time he’s developed countless productivity tools and collaborative processes that help Wolfram Research create world-changing tech.

Transcript: Episode 10, Sonal Gupta

Sonal Gupta leads Automattic’s Other Bets division, a team that develops experimental products that hover around Automattic’s core business. She relies on her legal background in order to clearly communicate the team’s new ideas to the rest of the company.

Transcript: Episode Two, John Vechey

Read more about John Vechey in “For Years, VR Promised to Replace the Office. Could It Really Happen Now?“ Matt Mullenweg: We’ve been hearing about virtual reality since the late ’80s, but this technology still hasn’t yet leapt from the pages of science fiction into our universe—at least not into the mainstream. The VR revolution […]